Jack Daniel's Properties Inc (JDPI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Brown-Forman, is to continue with its preliminary injunction against four of the defendants in its Jack Daniels bottled spring water case - Aubryn International, Aubryn CEO R. Bruce Harris, Gorman Properties LLC and Gorman CEO Jack E. Daniels.

The four defendants agreed last week to the entry of a preliminary injunction against them after a US court two weeks ago granted a temporary restraining order (TRO) ordering the defendants not to use the "Jack Daniels" name and mark in any of their business.

In a statement, Aubryn International said: "Aubryn and JDPI have come to an understanding in reference to the confusion behind the company's sales of spring water and the JDPI brand name."

Meanwhile commenting on the case JDPI said: "There has been no settlement of the lawsuit and it will continue to vigorously pursue its claims for monetary and permanent injunctive relief in the US District Court in Los Angeles against these four defendants and other defendants who publicised Aubryn's Jack Daniels water business."

JDPI filed its lawsuit for infringing and diluting the Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whisky trademark. JDPI claims that the defendants have falsely represented to investors, potential investors and the general public that their proposed Jack Daniels bottled spring water and related business are affiliated with or otherwise sponsored or approved by JDPI.

JDPI added: "Neither JDPI or Brown-Forman has a relationship with any of the defendants."