Jacob's Creek, Australia's best-selling wine worldwide, announces the launch of its new Limited Release wines -- crafted from the finest quality grapes grown on the Jacob's Creek vineyard. The first vintages to be distributed in the United States will include the 1995 Limited Release Shiraz Cabernet and the 1998 Limited Release Chardonnay. True to the name, there will be a limited supply of these wines with only 2000 cases available for each variety worldwide.Dedicated and determined to produce the finest quality wines, the Jacob's Creek winemakers invested extra time and energy into the winemaking process of the Limited Release wines. The winemakers searched the vineyard, tasting the grapes from vine to vine, and marked the spots that produced the most flavorful grapes. These grapes were then carefully handpicked for the production of the Limited Release wines."Through the creation of our Limited Release wines, we want to offer wine drinkers the finest crafted expression of the art of grape growing and making," said Phil Laffer, Jacob's Creek Chief Winemaker. "We aimed to produce wines of extraordinary flavor and quality that represent the pinnacle of Jacob's Creek winemaking, while building on our core values -- consistent quality, reliability and an approachable style.""The introduction of the Limited Release wines expand the range of quality the brand offers consumers," added Laffer. "The new wines introduce regular Jacob's Creek drinkers to a premium wine experience, while attracting new consumers who have a distinguished palate for more exclusive wines."