The Isle of Arran Brewery has said its beers will be available to US wholesalers from next year after establishing its own US import company.

The Scottish brewer, which currently has no US presence, said the Houston, Texas office is the first step in a plan to launch in all 50 US states at the same time. Discussions with distributors are now underway, CEO Gerald Michaluk told just-drinks today.

Asked why the company is to handle its own imports, Michaluk said he was keen to retain control of his brands. “We've seen some companies enter the US with an outside importer and do badly,” he said. “They're is a risk they can be small fish in a big portfolio and not get the attention they perhaps need.”

Michaluk said a full US launch requires a minimum US$3m worth of stock to fill the wholesale channel. He said a second round of crowdfunding to help fund the US drive is “imminent”. An initial crowdfunding project for Isle of Arran Brewery raised GBP260,000 (US$420,00).

In 2012, the brewery signed a deal with Hofbrau Munchen to distribute the German firm's beers in Scotland.