Inver House Distillers, the Scotch whisky producer, has been sold to global beverage group Pacific Spirits.

Pacific Spirits is part of the Great Oriole Group, based in the British Virgin Islands. The company has considerable interests in both spirits and beer, primarily in the Far East.

A spokesman for Inver House said: "It has become increasingly evident in recent years that, if we are to move the company further ahead, then we need to be part of a larger unit which has greater resources at its disposal. This deal offers these benefits, while also presenting our management team and workforce with new opportunities and challenges."

Managing director of Inver House Graham Stevenson added: "It will be pretty much business as usual as there will be no direct management involvement from pacific Spirits and Inver House will continue to be run by the same executive management team and will continue to be independent. We will work closely with the rest of the group seeking to develop our business in markets where the larger group has particular strengths."

Chief executive of Pacific Spirits Ooi Boon Aun said: "We have long recognised the need for a presence in the important Scotch whisky industry as we develop our global beverage interests. We have known the Inver House organisation for many years and have watched it develop with admiration.

"We are delighted to make this acquisition and it represents an important addition to our beverage interests."

He went on to conform that Inver House would retain its independence and autonomy.