The International Chamber of Commerce has released a guide to help strengthen the self-regulation of alcohol marketing.

The guide, unveiled earlier today (13 March), has been designed to improve the responsible marketing of alcohol in markets that do not yet have such rules in place. 'The ICC Framework for Responsible Marketing Communications of Alcohol' has been put together by the same group of “global experts” that develops and updates the organisation's 'Code of Advertising and Marketing Communications Practice'.

“Whether you are marketing beer in Japan, wine in Argentina or spirits in the US, promoting your product as a means for social success, performance in sport or attractiveness to the opposite sex is not an acceptable practice,” said Oliver Gray, co-chair of ICC’s Code Revision Task Force. “For self-regulatory organisations reviewing advertisements to enforce those principles, this extra clarity will be invaluable.”

The ICC worked with the International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP) on the framework.

“This is a significant step in strengthening and clarifying high standards of responsible marketing,” said Brett Bivans, senior VP of the ICAP. “We will work closely with ICC and other partners as the Framework is implemented.”

To download the guide, click here.