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International Beverage's Hankey Bannister Heritage Blend 

Category - Spirits, blended Scotch whisky, 46%

Available - Launched last week 

Location - 5,000 cases being made available "globally"

Price - RRP GBP26.99 (US$42) per 70cl bottle 

Distribution - International Beverage 

International Beverage has launched a "heritage" version of its Hankey Bannister Blended Scotch. 

The 5,000-case release was inspired by a bottle of Hankey Bannister from the 1920s that was unearthed in the UK last year, the company said. 

Heritage Blend has been created by "adding both higher-aged and peated malts to reproduce a full, sweet flavour with a delicate hint of smoke", International Beverage said. 

"We are very fortunate that someone back in the 1920s decided to store this bottle for posterity - and that it was in such good condition 90 years after bottling," said Hankey Bannister brand manager Lynne Buckley