Interbrew UK is to change its name to InBev UK Limited with effect from today (1 August).

The name change is being introduced following the UK brewer's parent company, Interbrew SA, combining with the South American brewer AmBev, to create InBev - the world's largest brewing group with a 14% share of the global beer market - in August 2004. 

The move is part of a global transition for all Western European operations within the business to adopt the InBev name.

InBev UK's trading companies in Northern Ireland (trading as Bass Ireland Ltd) and the Republic of Ireland (currently known as Interbrew Ireland) are also changing their names to InBev Ireland Limited and InBev Ireland, respectively. 

Tennent Caledonian Breweries - which still incorporates the name of the Tennent family who began brewing at the Wellpark site in Glasgow in 1740 - will, however, be retained as the trading name  for InBev UK's business in Scotland.

The InBev UK name and logo will be featured on all new communications and there is a phased programme to replace the Interbrew UK name and logo on existing materials.