Belgian brewer, Interbrew, said today that it intends to ask the UK Court Of Appeals to force The Guardian newspaper to hand over leaked documents which it claims falsely said the brewer was planning to make a bid for South African Breweries.

"Since it's now clear that The Guardian isn't willing to enter into a constructive settlement dialogue with the FSA, Interbrew has no choice but to apply to the court for enforcement of its order," the company said in a statement. An Interbrew spokesperson said it would apply for a sequestration order, effectively freezing the newspaper's assets.

The company also gave the other UK news organizations, Reuters, the Financial Times and The Times, "a couple of days" to comply. It said "a constructive dialogue" had begun and it was confident that the short delay "should be sufficient to allow" an agreement.

The Independent has told Interbrew that it does not have the original documents and Interbrew has dropped its case against the newspaper.