Interbrew is to place a £1m support package behind its Czech brand Staropramen in the UK.

The 2005 campaign will include a design update for the brand  as part of a global strategy to refresh the image of the brand and reinforce its brewing credentials. It is spearheaded by the introduction of a traditional Czech-style copper font.

Staropramen will also continue its sponsorship of Czechmania — an international festival showcasing the design quality of the Czech Republic. It is the third year of the sponsorship.

Kim MacLarty, senior brand manager for Staropramen at Interbrew UK, said: "This marketing package will support Staropramen's brewing roots and the history that goes with it and drive the considerable success of the brand.

"The design update will communicate to premium beer drinkers that Staropramen is a credible Continental brand and build its sales momentum. Staropramen increased its on-trade sales by 83% over the past year, making it the fastest growing premium lager, and one of the top ten brands. It enjoyed 30% growth last year and it has built up a loyal distribution base in both the take home market and in the on-trade."

The new font and packaging will be rolling out from July and Interbrew UK will be distributing point-of-sale to retailers later in the year to support the brand.