Innocent has teamed up with Carbon Clear in the UK in a promotion that will be dedicated to replanting trees.

The smoothie producer said today (19 September) that, beginning next month, a new tree will be planted in one of Carbon Clear's reforestation projects in Africa and India after each consumer registers their purchase online.

The aim of the initiative, named Buy one Get one Tree, is to get 100,000 trees planted in rural communities in the regions.

A spokesperson for the company said: "The groups choose the varieties of trees that best suit their needs themselves, and our donation will ensure they are looked after for 30 years. The trees we plant will provide income - the communities planting the trees receive regular payments for maintaining the trees. These payments help to protect the community against economic downturn or crop failure."

Innocent sustainability manager Jessica Sansom added: "Buy one Get one tree is all about making it simple for Innocent smoothie drinkers to do their little bit. Trees have so many positive benefits to offer local communities from providing a source of income, to enriching the soil and providing shade."