Innis & Gunns Frank & Sense

Innis & Gunn's Frank & Sense

Innis & Gunn's Frank & Sense

Category - Beer

Available - From 27 November

Location - UK

Price - GBP4.95 (US$6.50) per 50cl bottle 

Scotland-based Innis & Gunn has lined up a limited-edition beer as it looks to take advantage of the festive season. Frank & Sense is described by the brewer as "a golden ale matured with gold, frankincense and myrrh". 

The bottles, which come ready gift wrapped, will roll out via the Innis & Gunn website as well as in Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchens. Innis & Gunn opened its first on-premise site in Edinburgh in 2015. The brewer now operates several Beer Kitchens across Scotland, including in Glasgow, Dundee and St Andrews.

Earlier this year, the company offloaded a 27.9% stake to LVMH-backed private equity firm L Catterton. Innis & Gunn has subsequently appointed three new directors to its board, with two coming from L Catterton.

Is it time for brewers to drop 'craft' for 'independent'?- Comment