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The just-drinks analyst returns


Fans of Avengers Endgame, which opened in cinemas last week, have spent the past few days excitedly pulling apart the blockbuster movie's many plot twists. For Scottish craft brewer Innis & Gunn, however, the most startling reveal was that they were in it.

Innis & Gunns founder, Dougal Gunn Sharp, said the supporting role in Avengers Endgame was a total surprise

Innis & Gunn's founder, Dougal Gunn Sharp, said the supporting role in Avengers Endgame was a total surprise

In an early scene in the movie, the latest in the successful Marvel superhero franchise, a key character drinks from a beer bottle. The label is clearly that of Edinburgh-based brewer Innis & Gunn, best known for its Scotch whisky barrel-aged ales.

"We're delighted," said Innis & Gunn founder Dougal Gunn Sharp, who found out about the beer's inclusion in the movie through Twitter. "I can't think of a brand that wouldn't want to be included in what's set to be the biggest film of 2019, and one of the highest grossing of all time."

Sharp told just-drinks the inclusion was a complete surprise - "albeit a very nice one" - and entirely free. Innis & Gunn had no contact with Disney, the movie's producer, ahead of Endgame's release.

However, the company is determined to make the most of the exposure in a film that has already broken box office records across the world.

According to movie ticket sales website BoxOfficeMojo, Endgame scored the US's biggest-ever opening weekend and will top US$600m after this weekend. In China, it is already the biggest-grossing foreign movie just one week after release. Globally, the film looks certain to become the second-biggest grossing movie of all time, and could even overtake 2009's Avatar as the biggest.

Sharp said Innis & Gunn has already jumped on the story in PR and social media activations, including a free beer giveaway for consumers at its Edinburgh and Glasgow bars. 

"We've had some nice positive comments back from the reactive PR and social from consumers and the on- and off-premise too, so it feels like a real win for us already," Sharp said.

Sharp is hoping for a positive impact elsewhere, too. The brewer has looked to continue overseas expansion since selling a 27.9% stake to LVMH-backed private equity firm L Catterton in 2017. In France, Innis & Gunn is on course to treble sales by next year since doubling investment in marketing and sales and appointing a dedicated team in market. Last year, the company disclosed that about 60% of sales now come from outside the UK, led by the US, Canada, and Sweden. Meanwhile, the company has announced plans to build its own brewery in Edinburgh, a move that will take it out of C&C Group's Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow.

The supporting role in Endgame can only add to Innis & Gunn's momentum.

Sharp said: "Inclusion in something of such cultural significance without even having to ask or put our hands in our pockets doesn't come around very often, so we'll be keeping a close eye on things to see what the impact might be over the next few months."

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