Following the acquisition of Snapple Beverage Group, confirmed 25 October 2000, Cadbury Schweppes plc today announced the first phase of integration. Key elements include:
  • Snapple Beverage Group Headquarters will remain in White Plains, N.Y.

  • RC (Royal Crown) Cola Headquarters will be relocated from White Plains to Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. in Plano, Texas, 25 miles north of Dallas. The RC Cola field sales organization will be combined with the Dr Pepper/Seven Up field sales team.

  • RC Cola and other concentrates manufactured at the Columbus, Ga. plant will be relocated to the Dr Pepper/Seven Up facility in St. Louis, Mo., during the second half of 2001. RC Cola research and development will be moved from Columbus to Cadbury's beverage technical center in Trumbull, Conn., effective 1 January 2001.

  • Stewart's premium carbonated soft drink headquarters will relocate from Denver to Snapple's White Plains offices in early 2001.
Today's announcement is consistent with the integration benefits outlined in the original announcement on 18 September 2000.

"Our primary objective in acquiring The Snapple Beverage Group was to gain the leading position in the premium refreshment beverage category in the U.S. We also identified a number of important synergies with our existing US beverages operations and this announcement outlines our initial plans to achieve this", said John Brock, Cadbury Schweppes' Chief Operating Officer. "We are communicating as much information to employees as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible, because these people are the ones who have worked so hard to make these brands and companies so successful. We will treat every person fairly and with the respect, dignity and professionalism they deserve", Brock concluded.

The Snapple Beverage Group becomes the third major beverage enterprise in the United States owned by Cadbury Schweppes and will remain a stand-alone company with its portfolio of new age and premium beverages that include Snapple, Mistic and Stewart's. Cadbury's other U.S. beverage divisions are Stamford, Conn.-based Mott's Inc., the leading producer of branded apple juice and apple sauce, mixers lines, Clamato and other juice and food products, and Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc., the leading non-cola soft drink company.

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