A tap, yesterday

A tap, yesterday

Drinks producers around the world are in talks with a start-up company that has developed an in-home supply concept, in partnership with public water suppliers, that delivers beer, soft drinks, spirits and wine through a household tap.

The company, Huntigowk, has been running a trial with a water supplier in Azerbaijan that sees a separate pipe piggy-back existing networks and brings a selection of drinks directly into consumers' homes. Consumers are able to select the type of drink, from lager to vodka, cherryade to rosé, through an app on their phones.

Huntigowk has confirmed that it is in discussions with drinks firms eager to secure exclusivity for their brands in the system, which has been given the name 'Tap Danz'.

"Our phone hasn't stopped ringing," company founder John Aubrey told just-drinks. "This could revolutionise the drinks supply chain, so I'm not surprised the big drinks firms want to get in on the ground floor."

Aubrey explained that consumers need to run the liquid for 30 seconds before taking their requested beverage from the Huntigowk. "They shouldn't take the liquid before then," he warned. "Mixing beer with wine, for example, is a bloody stupid thing to do."