Scotland will remain part of the UK,  following the referendum

Scotland will remain part of the UK, following the referendum

Scotland has voted to stay in the United Kingdom. The 'No' campaign received 55% of votes, compared to 45% of voters in favour of independence. Follow a live round-up of reaction from the drinks industry here:

1.36pm BST: We've just received this statement from Chivas Brothers, the Scotch whisky unit of Pernod Ricard

"Today the people of Scotland have made an historic choice, defining the foreseeable future for our business environment.

"Scotch whisky is at the heart of the Scottish economy whilst the long term prospects for growth remain very positive. It is now time for all stakeholders to re-focus on improving further the business, regulatory, and export environment for Scotch whisky.

"We will maintain Pernod Ricard’s long-held commitment to Scotland and will continue to make major investments for the future matched by a strong and committed workforce." 

12.45pm BST: A tweet earlier from Stuart Nickerson of The Malt Whisky Co, based in Portknockie, Scotland says: 

"Lets work together to forge a more prosperous and equal society in Scotland."

12.43pm BST: The BBC has just released a clip showing the moment the result was announced:

11.15am BST: As a reminder of some of the industry debate around independence, here's just-drinks' managing editor Olly Wehring appearing on CNBC earlier this week

11.10am BST: Trade body the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) has issued this statement from its chief executive Miles Beale: 

"Scottish voters have made an historic choice. Further devolution is certain and the WSTA will be working closely with its members to ensure that any barriers to the way they do business in Scotland - or the rest of the UK - are minimised. Scotland is, and always will be, an important player in the UK wine and spirit sector.   
"The wine and spirits industry supports a large number of jobs in Scotland. Improving the business environment for our members in Scotland and the rest of the UK is a key priority, which is why we will be campaigning for a fairer duty system that benefits Scotland and the rest of the UK.”

10.35am BST: Here's the full statement from Alex Salmond, Scotland's First Minister, leader of the 'Yes' campaign

10.20am BST: We've had a statement from Scotch whisky producer Edrington, whose CEO Ian Curle had signed a letter voicing concern over a possible vote for independence. The statement from the Famous Grouse firm reads:

"The people of Scotland have made their decision. It is clear that further constitutional change is underway within the United Kingdom. Edrington will embrace this change and looks forward to collaborating fully with all parties in the months ahead." 

9.24am BSTDiageo has released a statement detailing its reaction to this morning's result. “We will continue to focus on what matters for our business as the implications of further devolved powers become clearer,” said a spokesperson.

“The future for this (Scotch whisky) sector will remain bright provided there is no further regulation or taxation on the industry. This is important because, in the world market, Scotch whisky competes fiercely with other categories, such as American whiskey, Irish whiskey and other whiskies.

“We will continue to work in partnership with both the UK and the Scottish governments to ensure the most favourable business environment possible, both for Diageo and for the future growth and success of Scotch whisky as an industry.”

9.00am BST: Here's the full text of Prime Minister David Cameron's statement, including video

8.45am BST: David Frost, the chief executive of the Scotch Whisky Association, has issued this statement: 

"The people of Scotland have made a historic choice against the background of the most profound national debate. 

"We welcome the stability that this choice brings and now urge politicians of all parties to work to bring our country together. 

"The referendum debate has shown the need for government and business to collaborate to address long-term economic challenges. We will be looking closely at plans for further devolution within this context.  There must now be a renewed focus on improving the business environment so that Scotland's economy can grow to everyone's benefit. 

"The Scotch Whisky industry is determined to play a leading role in shaping discussions that are fundamental to the future success of our industry and our nation."