InBev is shifting its headquarters for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) to Moscow from its home in Leuven, Belgium.

An InBev spokesperson told just-drinks today (5 April) that the decision had been made to align with units in Latin America, North America, Western Europe and the Asia/Pacific, where headquarters are based within the region.

During the summer, a leadership team consisting of 37 CEE InBev employees will be transferred to expanding offices in Moscow. The remaining employees will follow during a 12-month transitional period but are not all obliged to make the switch.

The spokesperson said: "Some employees may prefer not to move for personal reasons, but the transitional period means those individuals will be offered other opportunities within the company."

She added that there would be no redundancies as a result and that Russia had been chosen as it has the most InBev employees in the CEE region.

The company registered a 10.7% growth in sales volumes in 2005 in the CEE region and is seeking to keep a closer eye on the ongoing expansion of its business there.

InBev's volume growth was "sustained" during 2005 in the CEE region incorporating the Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria and Serbia-Montenegro, the company reported. Its Brahma brand was successfully launched in Russia and Ukraine, Stella Artois growth noted as "very good" in Eastern Europe, and Beck's showing a "solid performance" there too.