InBev has finalised a deal to sell its Latrobe brewery in Pennsylvania to US brewer City Brewery.

The two brewers had entered into an initial agreement in June but yesterday (28 September) sealed the deal for an undisclosed sum.

InBev USA president Doug Corbett insisted that the company had its employees' interests in mind when it was looking for a buyer for the former Rolling Rock brewery.

He said: "We believe that City Brewery will offer a solid future and strong growth opportunities to both union and salaried employees in Latrobe, and that the company can become an important member of the greater Latrobe community."

The site will add to City Brewery's presence across the US. The company is the country's fifth-largest brewer and it packages beer under contract for the likes of Boston Beer Co. and Sleeman Breweries.

COO Kenneth Yatz said: "There remain a number of details to finalize before operations can begin, but we are optimistic that we can continue to work with the City, Municipal Authority and the State to overcome these challenges."

In May, InBev sold the Rolling Rock to Anheuser-Busch in a deal worth US$82m. The brewer plans to focus on its stable of imported beers, including Bass Ale, Stella Artois and Brahma.