InBev has announced plans to launch a non-profit music venture in Scotland as a way for its Tennents lager brand to reach its target consumers.

The company said today (15 April) that the live music venture, which is due to kick off in October/November, will use a GBP150,000 (US$295,000) start-up fund, but otherwise be funded by fans, thus living up to its name - The Tennent's Mutual.

"Founding members will select artists, debate locations for gigs and call the shots on ticket prices by interacting as a community and voting for their preferences online - ultimately creating new and affordable access to live music in Scotland. Those who sign up before 30 June on will be given founder member status and the right to vote on the 'who, what, why, where?' of all decisions," the company said.

Tennent's Lager head of sponsorship George Kyle said: "There's absolutely nothing else out there like The Tennent's Mutual, but the ethos behind it definitely reflects what music fans want right now. Who knows what gigs will happen and where - the point is that it's up to the fans to decide, which is a tremendously exciting step. Ultimately we want people the length and breadth of Scotland to get involved in a great music debate and for their collective viewpoint to be heard as loudly as possible."

Kyle added: "From our perspective, The Tennent's Mutual is fresh, creative and most importantly, very different to anything that we have done in the past. It has been increasingly important to us to work with the people that really matter - the fans - meaning that it was simply not enough to present something that was a finished product, set-in stone to them. We can't wait to see how things will evolve in the coming months."