InBev said today that it intended to launch a full takeover of its subsidiary SUN Interbrew.

In a statement the board of directors of SUN Interbrew said it had passed certain resolutions relating to the acquisition by InBev of a total of 19,382,777 shares in SUN Interbrew from SUN Trade (International) Ltd and its affiliates and a total of 7,720,199 shares in SUN Interbrew from Eco Holdings Limited and its affiliates, together.

In the statement, InBev said it had informed the Board of SUN Interbrew that it intends, following completion of the transfers, to make an offer to acquire the then outstanding voting and non-voting shares at US$33.41 per SUN Interbrew share.

SUN Interbrew's directors said they welcomed InBev's intended offer and recommend that it be accepted.