InBev UK has announced an addition to its portfolio.

The UK subsidiary of brewing giant InBev confirmed yesterday (29 March) the launch of Peeterman Artois - a 4% ABV beer brewed with wheat, barley malt and coriander. The inspiration for the brand comes from InBev's Artois brewery archives in Leuven. Peeterman Artois, named after St Peter, was brewed from 1794 until the 1950s. The beer will be released in the UK in July.

Prior to the launch, InBev UK is creating a concept known as Brasserie Artois, which will bring the premium brands of Stella Artois, Artois Bock and the new Peeterman Artois together. The company has put aside GBP50m (US$87m) to invest behind the idea this year.

"Brasserie Artois is about bringing much-needed impetus to the beer category," said Steve Kitching, managing director, on-trade sales at InBev UK. "Brasserie Artois will drive the value of beer sales by enabling retailers to offer a range of premium beer styles that cater for a broader variety of drinking occasions, with the reassurance of Stella Artois' quality credentials. Stella Artois has the highest quality scores and highest brand awareness of any lager brand, and the success of Artois Bock has prompted us to expand the Artois brand offering."

The Brasserie Artois brands will be sold together through a new font. Branded with a Brasserie Artois logo, but retaining the individual brand logos underneath, the unit features two-out and four-out fonts allowing retailers to opt for any combination of Brasserie Artois brands.

The two-out font will be available from April, with the four-out being introduced in July to coincide with the launch of Peeterman Artois. Around 8,000 fonts will be converted this year and over time will gradually replace the existing Stella Artois and Artois Bock fonts.
The new introduction will be backed by point-of-sale and new Brasserie Artois stemmed pint and half pint branded glassware, replacing the existing Stella Artois and Artois Bock glasses.