Drinks Americas Holdings has brought forward the launch of its super-premium vodka Trump in the state of Illinois.

The company, which secured the use of US business magnate Donald Trump's name on the vodka two years ago, said today (3 January) that the vodka, distributed by Union Beverage, is now available in Illinois. The vodka was due to hit Chicago at the end of this month, ahead of a national roll-out across the US over the next two months.

"We moved the introduction date up based on retailer and consumer demand," said Patrick Kenny, CEO of Drinks Americas. "We fully expect the brand's momentum to continue in the Chicago market and know that Union will do a great job distributing the brand."

"Illinois is one of the top five states for vodka consumption and a huge opportunity for Trump," he added.

"Union Beverage believes that Trump vodka, branded with one of the most recognisable names in the world, will be one of the most successful new product spirit launches in 2007," said Derek Holmes, vice president general sales manager of Union Beverage.