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Icely Done's Cocktail Sticks  

Category - Frozen cocktails, RTD, 6% abv

Available - From last month

Location - UK, nation-wide, home delivery

Price - GBP1.50 (US$2.41) per 8cl pack

Distribution - Icely Done

UK-based company Icely Done has launched a selection of frozen cocktail sticks.

Six flavours are available: Finlandia grapefruit vodka & pomegranate; Absolut lemon vodka & raspberry; Havana Club rum & coconut; Havana Club rum & mango; Campari & blood orange; and Beefeater gin & lemon. They cost GBP1.50 (US$2.41) per 8cl pack with a minimum order of 20. Larger packs are available at discount.

Designed by bartender Lefti Christodoulou, the cocktail sticks are inspired by a Brazilian fresh fruit product sold as a street drink in hot weather, the company said. 

“We freeze our cocktail sticks as soon as we have created the blend so they are free of additives and preservatives and taste just like a good cocktail or blended fresh fruit ice cold shot,”  Christodoulou said.