SBI Communications, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: SBID - news), a vertical Internet media, marketing and entertainment company, announced the signing of an exclusive marketing agreement with Iceberg Industries Corporation to market its Iceberg water products for protected territories within the United States.In the making for 100,000 years, Iceberg water is the purest natural source of water on earth and is produced exclusively from harvested Canadian Icebergs. Prehistoric, pollution-free ice from the Polar Icecap.The water industry in the US is currently a 5 billion dollar market per year. Reflecting a per capita consumption rate of 12.4 gallons. In a recent report published by The Coca Cola Company it is anticipated that the water market by year 2010 will grow to over 70 billion dollars.The first year of sales will exceed 300,000 cases minimum with an expected growth rate of over 100% during second year."We intend to capitalize on sales of Iceberg water through existing advertising arrangements under which we receive revenues based on the amount of product sold," said Ron Foster, chief executive officer of SBI Communications, Inc. "We will also leverage this explosive product into new relationships with potential sponsorship agreements."