A "first of its kind" for the US is how the Dallas based Hydrade Beverage Company is describing its Mylar re-sealable package.

Making its debut the Mylar package contains a spout with screw-on top to provide re-sealable convenience not available in existing straw format Mylar packaging.

"This is an exciting 'first' that pairs the industry's most hi-tech sports drink with the world's most advanced, hi-tech packaging," said Hydrade chief executive office and president Robert Quirk.

"Our new packaging is ideal, because it is portable, durable and r-esealable."

"Our new packaging is ideal, because it's portable, durable and resealable."

"Hydrade is introducing its Mylar pouch to meet the needs of its targeted consumer based - the active thirst market," he added.

Hydrade claim to have the only ready to drink "proactive" sports beverage with the special active ingredient of glycerol, which prevents dehydration when consumed before exercise and speeds the re-hydration process after physical activity. It also claims its scientific formula also contains a higher combined total of sodium and potassium than leading sports drinks so consumers can most effectively replenish key electrolytes and revive the body's energy source faster.

"Our new packaging makes it easy for active consumers to take the hydrating-enhancing ingredients in Hydrade with them wherever they go," said Quirk.

The new Hydrade packaging will be launched and available to consumers in the US in select markets in the second quarter of 2001.