HCCB is Coca-Cola Cos largest bottling partner in India 

HCCB is Coca-Cola Co's largest bottling partner in India 

The Coca-Cola Co's largest bottling partner in India has announced plans to reorganise its business, as it looks to cater to changing consumer demands in the country.

Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB) said yesterday that it plans to become a US$2.5bn FMCG company by 2020. Changes include the creation of "several hundred new jobs", while other roles within the business will be made redundant.

"The company will have a leaner corporate office and a much-strengthened sales and supply chain organisation, thereby creating several hundred new jobs," the group said. "HCCB expects to fill most of these new jobs from within the organisation. The re-organisation will, however, make a few existing jobs redundant, the incumbents of which will be encouraged to apply for the new jobs that have been created."

HCCB said no additional details around jobs are presently available as the exercise is "yet to begin". 

The company's plans include a new 'premium division' for products including Smartwater, mixers and tonic water. The group will also operate under seven geographical zones instead of the current five.

"It was very clear from our research, conversations and market data that, today, we are not structured in a way that allows us to fully leverage our scale and market capabilities," said HCCB CEO Christina Ruggiero. "Changes of this nature take time to seep in, but our associates are committed to ensuring that HCCB is a key fixture in India's consumer landscape and delivering the growth that we know is possible in India."

The company aims to add 1m new outlets to its current distribution roster of 2m, by 2020. 

The announcement comes after HCCB earlier this year backed The Coca-Cola Co's strategy to become a 'total beverage company'.

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