Click through to view Hi-Spirits Manzana Loca Tequila-flavoured cider

Click through to view Hi-Spirits' Manzana Loca Tequila-flavoured cider

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Hi-Spirits' Manzana Loca Tequila-flavoured cider

Category - Cider, Tequila and lime flavoured, 5.5% abv

Available - From this month

Location - UK, off-trade

Price - RSP of GBP5 (US$8.10) per 3 x 30cl bottle pack

Distribution - Hi-Spirits

Hi-Spirits has launched a Tequila and lime-flavoured cider in the UK. Manzana Loca takes its name from the Spanish for 'crazy apple' and, according to the company, “bridges two growing trends, spirit beer and flavoured ciders “.

Last year, UK-based Hi-Spirits released an absinthe-flavoured sambuca.

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Hi-Spirits is driving innovation in the ready-to-drink (RTD) category with the launch of Manzana Loca, a unique and refreshing blend of cider with tequila and lime flavour.

With the name meaning ‘crazy apple’ in Spanish, Manzana Loca bridges two expanding drinks categories which are driving sales in the on-trade - flavoured ciders and spirit-flavoured beers and RTDs. 

The 5.5% ABV blend is made in Herefordshire, with bright, refreshing cider made from hand-picked apples combined with tequila and zest lime flavour. Manzana Loca is ideal served chilled from the fridge with a wedge of lime in the neck of the 330ml bottle. The distinctive modern brand graphics deliver strong stand-out in a back bar fridge. 

Dan Bolton, managing director of Hi-Spirits, said: “All our proven experience in developing innovative drinks brands for the on-trade has gone into creating an RTD that offers a genuine point of difference. 

“The combination of medium-sweet cider with the sharp zest of tequila flavour and natural lime delivers a drink that is less sweet than most flavoured ciders, and more refreshing than spirit beers. Overall, the unique flavour and proposition of Manzana Loca will expand RTD sales for operators by appealing to a different consumer profile to existing brands.

“By avoiding clichéd ‘cactus and sombrero’ imagery in favour of bold, modern graphics on both the bottle and supporting POS, we’ve given Manzana Loca a strong visual appeal which will help encourage trial and build sales in busy pubs and bars.

“The brand is priced to fit neatly into operators’ existing promotional structure, enabling operators to offer Manzana Loca at two-for-£5, in ice bucket promotions and similar deals, further encouraging customers to try the brand.”

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