The Burundi subsidiary of Heineken has invested in upping production in an effort to boost exports to other countries in the region, according to reports.

In a story by Reuters yesterday (5 September), the company, known as Brarudi and 60%-owned by the Dutch brewer, has reportedly spent EUR18m (US$24.5m) on increasing production.

Brarudi general manager Gerrit Stolk was cited in the piece as saying: "With that investment we will increase and modernise the storage capacity. We will also increase the fermenting capacity, which will then increase the volume of bottles produced per day."

Stolk added: "Amstel beer is appreciated in neighbouring countries like Rwanda and DRCongo. Now we want to concentrate our export in Tanzania and Kenya. Within the next nine months, we will have the capacity to go there and we will do that."

Brarudi aims to increase its current production capacity of 700,000 bottles of beer and soft drinks a day by between three and four times, the report noted.

No-one was immediately available at Brarudi to confirm the reports when contacted by just-drinks today.