Click through to view the new bottle design

Click through to view the new bottle design

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Heineken has updated the bottle for its namesake beer brand in the US market.

The new bottle is taller and thinner and features a "thumb groove" to encourage drinkers to hold the bottle, keeping it cooler, the Dutch brewer said yesterday (17 September). It is the first bottle re-design in 66 years, Heineken said. 

The bottle, which will be available in 12oz and 22oz sizes, is initially being launched in "select" New York state markets this month, followed by a national roll-out planned for March. 

"The Heineken bottle has gone through a number of progressions but has always maintained its core iconography that has become a symbol of upscale premium beer," said Colin Westcott-Pitt, Heineken USA's marketing VP. "This philosophy will remain the same with the new Star Bottle design."