Heineken is to close its beer museum in Amsterdam for eight months, as part of a renovation of the exhibition.

The brewer, which earlier this week confirmed it is in talks with Carlsberg to jointly break up Scottish & Newcastle, said today (19 October) that The Heineken Experience will close at the end of this month, and reopen in June having undergone "a multi-million euro renovation".

"In the past three years, the number of visitors to the Heineken Experience has grown enormously. In 2006, we welcomed over 350,000" said Hans Maris, manager of The Heineken Experience. "To keep up with the growing popularity of the Heineken Experience, and to communicate the Heineken brand values in a more contemporary way, we are going to create an enlarged, unique and highly interactive experience for our guests."

The Heineken Experience, which includes an interactive tour and the chance to drink one of the brewer's beers afterwards, opened in 2001.