Heineken has unveiled plans to roll out its Fayrouz barley drink in more Muslim countries. Speaking to Reuters yesterday (1 June), a company official said that the Dutch brewer is considering launching the drink in Nigeria and in Northern African countries. It hopes to begin testing in Morocco in the next few months.

Fayrouz is a malted barley-based non-alcoholic beverage with various fruit flavours and has been certified halal - fit for consumption by Muslims - by Al Azhar, a leading Sunni Islam religious institution.

Heineken intends to use its global marketing strength to launch Fayrouz in the longer term to more Muslim countries, as well as to Muslim communities in the UK, Germany, Holland and France.

Heineken acquired Fayrouz in 2002 when it took over Egypt's only brewery, Al Harham Beverages, in a US$280m deal. No alcohol is produced during Farouz's manufacture - unlike other non-alcoholic beers - making it suitable for observant Muslims.