As part of a £14m (US$19.8m) marketing support package, Heineken is tapping into the mobile text-messaging (SMS) craze with a UK pub promotion, which it hopes will enhance the modernity of the brand and drive business for retailers.

Pub-goers will have the opportunity to play a general knowledge quiz on their mobile phones with a reward of a free pint for successful players.

During the SMS quiz drive outlets will display a special telephone number, which customers can ring to enter the promotion. They will then receive a text message featuring three general knowledge questions, which they have to answer. Those who answer all three correctly will receive a text message saying they have won a free pint of Heineken.

"This link-up with cutting-edge technology will reinforce the contemporary nature of the brand and communicate the message that it is innovative and up-to-date to a key audience of lager drinkers ages 18-24," said James Dickson, national sales and marketing director for Heineken.

"The nature of this promotion will also enhance the fun and excitement of the pub occasion, drive awareness and generate brand loyalty," he added.

The promotion will run nationally (while stocks last) from the middle of June in a selected number of outlets catering for young adults. Consumers will only be able to play during the week between Monday and Thursday in a bid to help outlets attract business during quiet trading periods.