The UK arm of Heineken has been admonished by the country's Advertising Standards Authority for a television advert that ran earlier this year.

In a ruling handed down today (17 July), the ASA upheld complaints from 17 viewers that claimed the ad was irresponsible because it “condoned or encouraged people to take glass bottles into a football stadium”.

The ad, which can be viewed above, formed part of Heineken's sponsorship of the Europe-wide Champion's League soccer tournament. The final was held in London in May.

In its defence, Heineken maintained that “the scenario which they had set up afforded some creative licence in-line with the overall improbable nature of the story line. This extended to both the implied consumption of alcohol in sight of the pitch and the use of glass bottles”, the ASA said.

Heineken has been instructed not to broadcast the ad again “in its current form”.

To read the full ruling, click here.