Heineken is looking to introduce a "continental style of drinking'" in the UK.

The brewer announced late last week that a campaign focussing on European beer drinking habits will centre on Café Heineken, a 400-capacity continental bar launched at The Heineken Cup Final at Twickenham earlier this month. The café will tour the UK throughout the summer.

The café concept has been "developed to echo the café-culture style of Modern European cities", Heineken said, complete with paving stones, branded umbrellas and street lighting. The mobile cafe offers consumers the chance to enjoy beer from one of two Heineken bars, with table service and continental style food, whilst listening to a continental DJ playing a continental set.

"The experiential programme, forms a major part of our new marketing campaign which focuses on delivering better drinking experiences for consumers, through the introduction of a range of continental-style drinking initiatives," said Chris Duffy, customer marketing controller for Heineken UK.

"Through Café Heineken we've created an experience which shows drinkers how they can enjoy the continental-style of drinking in the UK."