Heineken has launched its Premium Light brand in cans in the US.

The brewr's US arm said today (19 June) that Heineken Premium Light, which will be available nationally in 12oz cans both in a 12-pack and a 24-pack, aims to target consumers who are likely to drink outdoors during the summer months.

Heineken USA brand director Andy Glaser said: "The new 12oz slim can now offers Heineken Premium Light and domestic light beer drinkers the ability to enjoy its deliciously smooth taste on more occasions. Particularly in the summer months, beer drinkers look for ways to enjoy their favourite beverages in outdoor locations that may not allow glass packaging."

This week, the brand will begin its TV, print and online advertising as part of a marketing campaign aimed at making an impact leading up to the 4 July weekend.

The introduction of Heineken Premium Light last year represented the Heineken brand's first major product addition in 133 years. Light beer currently accounts for more than 50% of the total US beer market volume.

Earlier this year, the brewer hailed the launch of Heineken Premium Light in the US as adding around 680,000 hectolitres to volumes. Heineken forecast in February that the brand should see sales this year hit 1m hl in the country.