Heineken and Groupe SEB have teamed up to create a draught beer system to be used at home. After a successful pilot in Switzerland, the BeerTender, consisting of an appliance and keg, will first be launched in the Netherlands and many countries are to follow.

The BeerTender system brings a new technology that delivers draught beer for home consumption. The BeerTender appliance keeps the compact 4-litre keg at the right temperature and in the most optimal condition for a period of three weeks after the first beer has been drawn.

In a statement, Heineken chairman Thony Ruys said: "Innovation brings growth to the Heineken brand. BeerTender is aimed to do just that. It offers the real draught beer experience at the consumers' home.

"I'm very happy that we have been able to combine the technical expertise of Groupe SEB and Heineken's expertise on draught beer."

Thierry de La Tour d'Artaise, chairman of Groupe SEB said: "Heineken and Krups form a perfect match of international innovative brands, well known for their quality and expertise. Our group has always created new products expected by consumers. We are convinced of the success of the BeerTender system, a joint alliance of innovation in small domestic appliances and the know-how of the most famous brewer."

Groupe SEB will be responsible for the production, marketing and future development of the BeerTender appliances. Heineken will further develop the kegs and take the lead in the production and distribution of the kegs.