Heineken has launched a new Newcastle Brown Ale campaign in the US to dispel an apparent perception of the ale as a "heavy" beer.

The "Misconceptions" push includes a video as well as coupons that will allow consumers to swap their "traditional summer-party" beers for Newcastle Brown Ale, Heineken's US unit said yesterday. The unit is also reviving the "Independence Eve" campaign first launched last year.

Priscilla Flores Dohnert, brand director for Newcastle Brown Ale, said: "We’ve found that because of Newcastle’s full, brown colour, people sometimes think that it’s a heavy beer. Yes, it is full-bodied, but it’s also very smooth and refreshing. We made a video that helps bring that to life."

This year, Heineken confirmed that it would remove caramel colouring from its Newcastle Brown Ale brand globally after the additive came under scrutiny from a food blogger.