Heineken interested in worlds oldest beer recipe

Heineken interested in 'world's oldest beer' recipe

Heineken is seeking to gain a licence deal to recreate the recipe for what is thought to be the world's oldest surviving bottled beer.

Scientists are examining yeast from four bottles of beer found on a wreck in Finland’s Åland Sea last July - along with the world's oldest surviving bottles of Champagne.

"At this point we believe they are the oldest bottled beers in the world that can be drunk," said Rainer Juslin, of the autonomous Åland islands Government. If the yeast in the beer remains alive or dormant, the Government plans to sell rights to recreate the beer.

Åland's only brewery, Stallhagen, is in pole position to make the aged ale. However, Stallhagen's CEO, Jan Wennström, said: "If the yeast is usable and we get the recipe, and if demand goes beyond our [400,000-litre] capacity, then possibly we will look to Heineken, which has expressed interest."

The beer's origin is undetermined, but it is estimated to date back to the 1820-30s.