Heineken has its eyes on possible acquisitions in Latin America, according to the company's CEO.

Talking to Reuters, the outgoing CEO Anthony Ruys said: "Yes, but we are looking at any brewer that is for sale," when questioned about the possibility Heineken would launch a takeover of Bavaria.

Heineken is currently gathering information about the Latin American brewer, Ruys said. Reuters reported that he didn't rule out a possible partnership with Bavaria, either.

"If you see this kind of opportunity, then you would like to deepen your knowledge about it," he said.

Ruys also confirmed that it was a "possibility" Heineken would consider buying Brazilian brewer Cervejarias Kaiser, which is majority owned by Molson Coors, but which has under achieved for the Canadian brewer.

"We're going to look at how things are going. We are going to look at what Molson and Coors want to do with it as well as what other options are open for Brazil and South America," Reuters quoted Ruys saying.