Click below to see an image of the Heineken schooner glass

Click below to see an image of the Heineken schooner glass

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Heineken UK has said that it will offer pubs and bars branded glasses that hold two-thirds of a pint, if the country's government legalises the measure as planned.

A new law to allow 'schooner' measures of beer is set to come into force in the UK from 1 October. If adopted by Parliament as anticipated, UK bars will be able to add the two-thirds measure to existing legal measures for beer, which are the pint, half-pint and one third of a pint. 

Heineken said today (18 August) that it will supply branded 'schooner'-sized glasses to its trade customers. While the legislation is partially motivated by the UK Government's desire to reduce alcohol consumption, Heineken hopes that it will also "bring more excitement" to beer at a time of decline for the overall UK market.

"Premium and specialist draught beer brands like Heineken, Amstel and Tiger are likely to benefit most from being served in the new two-thirds of a pint measure," said Heineken UK's sales MD for the on-trade, Lawson Mountstevens. "We will be delivering around half a million new branded glasses into trade from November."  

He added: "Our stylish, new schooner glasses will encourage more pub and restaurant diners to choose premium beer with food, and research suggests that they will also appeal to male and female drinkers."