Heineken said it was working to solve the problem

Heineken said it was working to solve the problem

A Dutch supermarket has accused Heineken of failing to deliver enough of the brewer's products because the retailer's prices are too low.

The Jumbo supermarket chain told just-drinks today that Heineken's deliveries to its stores had fallen from between 40 to 50 trucks a week to just three. According to Jumbo, Heineken said it was unable to fulfil its delivery obligations because it couldn't produce enough beer. However, a Jumbo spokesperson said: "We suspect there's is another reason, namely that we offer crates of beer too cheap for a long period of time."

The spokesperson said Jumbo, which has 580 stores in the Netherlands, is considering legal action over the beer shortfall.

When contacted by just-drinks, however, a Heineken spokesperson countered the claim. "The difference of opinion between Jumbo and Heineken is that at present our production capacity for Heineken lager 24x30cl crates is unfortunately not sufficient to fully meet the demand," the spokesperson said.

"Jumbo, in the current peak season, has demanded an extra of nearly 1m crates from us, which is three times the 'normal' volume we had planned for. Even a large brewer like Heineken cannot cover such a huge spike in demand overnight.

"Crates of Heineken and all other brands from our portfolio are currently being delivered to Jumbo, but unfortunately not the volumes of Heineken crates that Jumbo would like see."

The company said it was working with Jumbo to solve the problem.

Yesterday, Jumbo took out a full-page ad in Dutch newspapers highlighting its claim against Heineken. The ad suggested that customers buy other brands instead. 

Last month, Heineken relaunched one of its central European breweries after a 13-year overhaul to turn it into the world's first zero-carbon brewery.

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