HealthSpan Solutions has launched a line of fruit juice beverages designed to target conditions faced by aging consumers.

BeneVia is a fruit-based nutrition drink with the nutrients to "help consumers stay healthy and active as they age", the company said yesterday (1 June).

Four varieties include; Strength & Energy for the loss of muscle strength and energy, Memory & Focus for declining memory and speed of learning, Heart Health for cardiovascular health issues and Immune Protect for immune response and ability to fight infections.

BeneVia is available in four-packs of 8oz bottles with a recommended retail price of US$7.99.

"We're thrilled to launch BeneVia and also looking forward to making it available nationwide very soon," said HealthSpan CEO John Troup. BeneVia is rolling out in selected markets across the US this month with plans to be available nationally by the end of the year