Healey’s Cornish Bite

Healey’s Cornish Bite

Healey’s Cornish Bite

Category - Energy drinks, apple juice, salted

Available - From this week

Location - UK, Devon and Cornwall; Tesco and independent retailers

Price - SRP of GBP1.09 (US$1.70) per 25cl can

Distribution - Healey's

Cider maker Healey’s has entered the UK energy drinks market with Cornish Bite.

Cornish Bite is 25% apple juice and made with Cornish sea salt, which helps maintain a balance of electrolytes in the body Healey's said today (28 August). Each 25cl can contains 80mg of caffeine, equivalent to a single shot of espresso coffee.

Cornwall-based Healey’s makes juices, spirits and cider, including the Rattler cloudy cider.

In June, PepsiCo moved into UK energy drinks with the rollout of its Mountain Dew extension Amp Energy.