Haymans has redesigned its portfolio

Hayman's has redesigned its portfolio

Hayman's Distillers has brought its distillation in-house with the unveiling of a new still at its Essex bottling plant.

The English gin distiller said today (9 September) that growing volumes over the past few years have allowed the company to join its distillation with its bottling and blending facilities. “We are very pleased to have our own dedicated still as it gives us much better control over the production,” Hayman’s chairman, Christopher Hayman, said.

Financial details behind the move were not disclosed.

The new 450m-litre copper pot still marks the 150th anniversary of Hayman's great grandfather James Burrough buying his first still and is named after Hayman's mother, Marjorie. 

In June, Hayman's updated its logo and packaging "to better emphasise its rich history as a family gin distiller".