Havana Club is extending its 'El Culto a la Vida' global campaign with new TV and print advertising creatives. The campaign, which was unveiled at the end of May, covers a range of the Havana Club expressions.

The new creatives draw heavily upon the strong and authentic roots of Havana Club within Havana, a statement said. The brand's international marketing strategy focuses on the Añejo 7 Años expression, Havana Club's flagship product, which is featured significantly in the new campaign. The campaign was shot in Havana using real Cuban characters, to stay in keeping with the brand's authenticity.

Havana Club International, which owns the brand, said that the campaign is part of its global investment to further the brand's ambition to reach 5m 9-litre cases by 2013. 2007 saw the brand surpass the 3m 9-litre cases sales mark - a 15% year on year increase.

"This comes after a raft of significant activity from the brand, including the launch of its websites www.havana-club.com and www.havana-cultura.com in 2007, and more recently, the 2008 International Cocktail Grand Prix in Cuba," a statement said.

The Havana Club International S.A. joint-venture was established in November 1993 by the Cuban company Cuba Ron S.A., responsible for rum production, and the French Pernod Ricard.