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Hausmann Famille's Rouge Sucette

Category - Wine, red, cola-flavoured, 9% abv 

Available - From this month

Location - France, off-trade 

Price - EUR2.95 (US$3.94) per bottle

Distribution - Haussmann Famille 

Haussmann Famille, part of French wine house Chateaux En Bordeaux, has launched what it claims is the world's first cola-flavoured wine - Rouge Sucette.  

The 9% abv product, which is 75% grapes and 25% water/aromas, is being distributed to hypermarkets throughout France. Rouge Sucette has been unveiled at wine trade show Vinexpo, taking place this week in Bordeaux, France.

Speaking to just-drinks at Vinexpo today (18 June), Pauline Lacombe, marketing director for Hausmann Famille, said the drink, which translated into English means 'red lollipop', is aimed at younger drinkers and women. "We did a lot of taste tests and we think it could work for the 'Coke generation'," she said.

Lacombe said it is hoped Rouge Sucette can introduce young people to wine, who will then move on to other more sophisticated varieties. 

"We've had people from around the world taste it here (at Vinexpo) and there's a lot of interest from Asia, so let's see". 

It is understood that the wine is also "in taste tests" with UK supermarket Sainsbury's.  

"Even if you are into wine, I think you can appreciate it," Lacombe added. 

Haussmann Famille also launched a passion fruit-flavoured rose and white wine two months ago.

UPDATE (16 July): Since the publication of this story, Sainsbury's has contacted just-drinks and provided the following statement: “Sainsbury’s has no plans to stock this product.”