Attractive and mysterious - that's the first impression. Racke's new wine with the remarkable name VITAE (Latin expression 'life') is convincing by its particular and distinctive character. VITAE is a wine full of emotions with a design inspiring a certain sense of relaxation, harmony and clearness by nevertheless preserving some kind of mystical touch.VITAE grows and ripens in Tuscany/Italy. It owes its intensive colour and the full-bodied taste to the Sangiovese grape. This dry wine has got powerful structure and depth creating a full-bodied, firm, but nevertheless, smooth taste. Its bouquet is of vinous fragrance with a light fruityness. The residual sugar content amounts to 3 - 4 g/l and its total acidity to 5,5 g. The alcoholic content comes to 12,5% Vol.The 1998 vintage of VITAE will be delivered now, thus giving the wine an excellent degree of ripeness. The quality category is typified by the designation 'IGT Toscana' (Indicazione Geografica Tipica).Racke's objectives with this new brand are to follow the constant trend towards red wines, especially sophisticated Italian red wines. The introduction started on July 1st and first results indicate a future success story for Racke's Concept-Wine-Range: VITAE's introduction went on in giant steps. Not only in the domestic market but also in other European countries like Austria and Switzerland.