Hansen Natural Corporation today reported record financial results, including sharp increases in sales and profits, for the first quarter ended March 31, 2005.

Gross sales for the first quarter increased 90.3% to US$73.7m compared to a year earlier. Net sales for the first quarter increased 91.7% to US$60.0m.

Operating income for the first quarter quadrupled to US$14.7m from US$3.6m a year ago. Net income for the first quarter also quadrupled to US$8.8m.

Rodney C. Sacks, chairman and chief executive officer, said the performance reflected record sales of brands such as Monster Energy drinks and increases in sales, primarily of Hansen's apple juice and juice blends, as well as Hansen's children's multi-vitamin juice drinks in aseptic packaging. The increase in sales was also attributable, to a lesser extent, to sales of Rumba energy juice, which was introduced in December 2004.

The sales increase was partially offset primarily by lower sales of Hansen's Natural Sodas, Hansen's energy and functional drinks, Energade energy sports drinks, E20 Energy Water drinks and smoothies in cans.