UK drinks group Halewood International is set to launch two new variants to its perry brand, Lambrini, this Summer.

Cherry Lambrini, a fruity version of the drink, and Diet Lambrini, which contains half the calories of Lambrini Original, have been developed following consumer demand and extensive consumer research, the company said.

Fran Draper, marketing manager for Lambrini, said: "Our consumer research showed conclusively that there is fantastic loyalty to the Lambrini brand. Consumers are looking for more choice when deciding what to drink and prefer that choice to come from brands they trust, like Lambrini."

"Cherry Lambrini researched well because they loved the taste and found it to be something genuinely new and different. Diet Lambrini was selected because dieting is so important to our target audience. They chose to avoid drinking alcohol when dieting, so by introducing a Diet Lambrini we will be able to gain incremental sales by giving consumers a lower calorie alternative of their favourite drink."