Click through to view Crabbies Cloudy Lemonade

Click through to view Crabbie's Cloudy Lemonade

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Halewood International's Crabbie’s Cloudy Lemonade

Category - Alcoholic lemonade, 4% abv

Available - From this month

Location - UK, on-trade

Price - Similar on-trade price to Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Distribution - Halewood International

Halewood International has heralded the return of drinking fruit ciders and lagers straight from the bottle as it launches an alcoholic lemonade in the UK on-trade.

Crabbie’s Cloudy Lemonade is designed as an alternative to over-ice brands, which are declining in popularity, Halewood said, citing its own consumer research.

The launch follows Crabbie’s Raspberry and Crabbie’s Strawberry and Lime Ginger Beers.

Crabbie’s core flavour, Alcoholic Ginger Beer, was released in cans for the first time last year.

Last year, Global Brands relaunched alcoholic lemon drink, Hooch, in the UK