An editorial in the region praised the decision

An editorial in the region praised the decision

An emirate in the Persian Gulf has banned energy drinks from restaurants and cafes, according to a local report.

Authorities in Sharjah, part of the United Arab Emirates, have sent letters to a number of establishments telling them not to stock energy drinks, Gulf News reported. A government official, however, said groceries and supermarket chains can continue to sell them.

An editorial in the Gulf News praised the decision, claiming that the drinks are harmful and "packed with empty calories".

"Over the last two decades, energy drinks have come to attract a huge following among people, young and old, looking for instant enhanced energy," the editorial said. "But this pursuit, as with all pursuits that seek instant gratification, comes at a high price."

In July, three national soft drinks trade associations hit out at a global report that blames the industry for 184,000 deaths a year.